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Maui Memorial Park

In the heart of Wailuku.

Tour Our Grounds

Explore Maui Memorial Park

Tour Our Grounds

Explore Maui Memorial Park

Founded in 1964 as a beautifully landscaped park in Wailuku, we began with a mission to celebrate life and serve families. So we planted trees, created pathways and nurtured our community. There is much joy to be found here, and we invite you to find yours. Explore more. Take a tour. Share in experiences.

Where Wailuku

Comes to Remember
Office Hours

Mon - Sat:   8AM - 4:30PM

Cemetery Hours

Mon - Sat:   8AM - 4PM

  • Loved by Families for 58 Years and Counting
  • Impeccable Facilities and Grounds
  • Proudly Serving All Religions
Beautifully Landscaped
Flexibility For All Budgets
Free Parking
Handicap Accessible
Impeccably Maintained Grounds
Memorial Designers
Custom Headstones And Markers
Family Estates
Graveside Services
Licensed Pre-Need Specialist
Multicultural Funerals
Personalized Services
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Schedule a Tour

Discover Maui

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