Floral Regulations

Our goal at Maui Memorial Park (MMP) is to provide a well maintained cemetery grounds for your loved ones as well as a safe environment for visitors and personnel alike. However, to do so MMP reserves the right to set forth the following regulations. Should you have any questions regarding these regulations, please contact our office. 

Please allow the cemetery personnel the responsibility for grounds maintenance. If something is broken or needs corrective action, please call the number at the bottom and let the staff know what the problem is and we will decide on a solution and take corrective action. 

Maui Memorial Park has the authority to remove all merchandise not conforming with regulations which include but are not limited to flowers, greens, trees, shrubs, decorations (including toys, balloons, cards, pictures) ornaments, solar lights, bottles, cans, potted and artificial plants. 

1. No outside flower receptacle, homemade or otherwise, may be placed on any plot, mausoleum or columbarium spaces unless approved by MMP Family Service Counselor and/or the General Manager and will be removed as soon as they are noticed. Vases for burial plots, crypts and niches may be purchased from MMP and will be placed at the site by the MMP grounds crew.

2. Only fresh cut greens, flowers and wreaths may be placed on ground plots and on the mausoleum crypt and niche front at any time. They will be removed after 1 week or become unsightly.

3. No outside memorials may be placed without being inspected and approved by the MMP Family Service Counselors and/or General Manager. There is a charge for all outside merchandise. You may purchase a memorial from MMP. Standard memorial size is a bronze 28 x 16. All memorials are placed on a granite base and will be made level with the ground.

4. For safety reason, NO ARTIFICIAL flowers and plants of any kind are allowed in the cemetery or mausoleum.

5. If patrons want to plant their own grass, it is permissible, however, must be made level with the ground.

6. MMP DOES NOT replace MISSING vases or vases that are damaged due to wear and tear.

7. Due to environmental concerns, you should not be using oil of any kind to "preserve" your memorial. The fading or "patina" is the natural process of the bronze.

8. Trenching and installation of borders of any kind around the burial site are not permitted and will be either filled in and/or removed by the MMP grounds crew. No glass, wood, rocks or metal object including plexiglass coverings are allowed and will be removed.

9. Memorial and Veteran Day flags will be removed 1-2 weeks after holiday.

10. Animals are not allowed in the cemetery unless they are service animals.

11. Small children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The staff of Maui Memorial Park would appreciate it if you would kindly advise your friends and family of floral regulations.