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  • Dear Pat, Thank you for helping us to locate Fusa's burial site. We are so grateful that you were so efficient and thorough with our request. You made us happy. It was exciting to know we could visit her there. I appreciate what you have done for us, and you make me proud to have been born there. Your graciousness and kindness exemplify the island way. With love,
    Ivy West
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Pat and how accommodating she has been. I am so pleased with the improvements being made at the cemetery. The place is looking much better. I go to the cemetery daily to care for my husband, parents and in-laws graves. So, I can see and notice the changes taking place. I am 85 years old and it is reassuring to me to know that Pat is there to help me whenever I need it. I appreciate her and all that the does. Thank you Pat!
  • Dear Charmaine - This letter is to commend two employees of Nakamura Mortuary. Recently I had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Kathy Morondos and Evelyn. This concerned the death duties involving my personal friend. I was completely at a loss and unfortunately acted upon advise given to me by the 2nd circuit court. The information was counter-productive and created a malestom of events. Thankfully your staff walked me through it with a great deal of grace and compassion and especially patience. I have been both and employee and employer and feel that you have two exemplary employees. I hope this will be represented in their respective files and want to congratulate you on having such a wonderful crew, please thank them again for me.
  • Dear Pat, R. Menor and Staff - am sorry for getting this mahalo nui loa card to you and all the others so late. I do a lot of traveling, attend meetings and help with the care of 26 of our senior sisters. However I want to sincerely thank you for not only arranging for sister J.M.'s funeral service in April but also for her burial. Everyone was pleased and happy that our sister J. was now home on her beloved Maui and in their/the family grave site. Mahalo! Mahalo!
    Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Aloha Pat - I would like to express my fondest appreciation to your staff: 1. Grounds crew that keeps the cemetery so well manicured and watered. They are truly dedicated to their jobs and should be commended for their personal efforts. 2. Nami Kekaualua and Iwalani Borge who along with Chris Pacheco helped us order and receive such a beautiful plaque for my husband's grave. It was certainly worth the wait!!! * I know you are a "good boss" because your employees are so wonderful, " a reflection of you". Thank you and everyone for all that you do to keep the grounds so very beautiful!!
    S.A. & O.